• Graduating Christian Scholars
    Graduating Christian Scholars The Class of 2014 earned $4 million in renewable scholarships to colleges and universities around the country.
  • Achieving Excellence
    Achieving Excellence Student athletes are tested and true character is revealed.
  • Challenging Minds
    Challenging Minds Our small classes allow for personal attention to all students.

Our Cup Overflows


We still marvel when we drop our children (Mary Stewart- 8th grade, Graham- 8th grade, and Ellis- 4th grade) off at school or attend an event surrounded by the Ben Lippen community. We never thought we would be part of something like Ben Lippen. We struggled with a deep and abiding loyalty to public school and viewed private school as insular and just not for us. God showed us that He had other plans for our family.

Over a year ago, a small voice began speaking to us about Ben Lippen. We experienced a series of seemingly unconnected events. Some were “chance” conversations with people in the Ben Lippen community. Others seemed to be messages tailor-made for us to “open our eyes” to the opportunities that would be afforded our children at Ben Lippen. Over time, the Lord softened our stance and both of us began to seek out more information about Ben Lippen.

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Quick Facts

Ben Lippen School

Ben Lippen High School
Preparing young adults, within a culturally diverse learning community, to be stewards of God’s gifts.

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Ben Lippen Middle School
Providing a biblically integrated and developmentally appropriate curriculum.

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Ben Lippen Elementary School
Training emerging Christian scholars to know Jesus and develop the knowledge, skills, habits and values that prepare them to soar.

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Ben Lippen Boarding Program
Providing a global learning community built around integrity, responsibility, and respect.

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Featured Faculty and Staff

  • Ingrum, Kent - History +

    Name: Kent Ingrum

    Teaches: U.S. History

    Joined Ben Lippen Team: 2012


    Contact Information: Kent.Ingrum@BenLippen.com

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  • Ragoonath, Rawle - Bible, History +

    Name: Rawle Ragoonath

    Teaches: 6th grade World History; 6th and 7th grade Bible

    Joined Ben Lippen Team: 2005

    Education: Florida Bible College - B.A. in Bible/Theology; Capital Bible Seminary - M.A. in NT Exposition; Columbia International University - M. Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction; doctoral candidate

    Recognized as a SCISA Master Teacher of the Year (2011-2012)

    Contact Information: Rawle.Ragoonath@BenLippen.com

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  • Bauer, Joanna - 5th Grade, SAR Campus +

     Name: Joanna Bauer

    Teaches: 5th grade, SAR Campus

    Joined Ben Lippen Team: 2002

    Education: Winthrop University - B.S. in Elementary Education

    Contact Information: Joanna.Bauer@BenLippen.com


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  • Wheeler, Pattie - Media Specialist +

    Name: Pattie Wheeler

    Title: Middle and High School Media Specialist

    Joined Ben Lippen Team: 2000

    Education: Winthrop University - B.S. in Home Economics Education; Winthrop University - M.S. in Nutrition; University of South Carolina - Masters of Librarianship

    Contact Information: Pattie.Wheeler@BenLippen.com

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  • Carlin, Rebecca - P.E., MR & SAR Campuses +

    Name: Rebecca Carlin

    Teaches: Elementary Physical Education, MR & SAR Campuses

    Joined Ben Lippen Team: 2003

    Education: East Carolina University - B.S. in Education

    Contact Information: Rebecca.Carlin@BenLippen.com

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