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Student Perspective 2.26.15

Shining for Christ in My Home

Having lived in a Ben Lippen boarding house for almost my entire life, I consider myself incredibly blessed. My parents have been houseparents for 13 years now, and I have well over 100 "brothers", as I call them. When I tell people I live in a house full of high school boys, their first reaction is often to sympathize with me. However, the environment I have been able to grow up in has created endless opportunities to shine the light of Christ in my own home.

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Insight from Our Leadership 2.19.15

Why I Love Teaching Middle School

After teaching both middle school and high school for multiple years, I have come to the conclusion that I would rather stay in middle school. Middle school students are bombarded with a host of new emotions, feelings, and bodily changes that make their lives both exciting and stressful. They can be bubbly one minute and weepy the next. They can think abstractly like adults, yet are still silly like little kids.

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Insight from Our Leadership 2.12.15

Parental Involvement in Education

The research is clear – when families are actively involved in their child's education, the child is more successful, regardless of background. Active involvement can mean a lot of things – volunteering at school, serving on committees, going on field trips, or engaging your child at home. I have to confess that I struggle with non-involvement guilt on a regular basis, and seem to swing from being a micro-managing helicopter mom to entering a state of RenWeb-free bliss (ignorance?). With one child in each division – elementary, middle, and high school – the educational involvement of my husband and I looks different for everyone in our house. We are working towards a healthy balance and have been doing some reading. Below are a few simple things we are trying:

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