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Student Perspective 1.29.15

Around the World in 14 Days

In November, I had the incredible opportunity to visit South Korea, China, and Vietnam along with Mrs. Harmon, Mr. Jones, and Mr. Needham on a recruiting trip for the Ben Lippen Boarding Program. Of the international students who attend Ben Lippen, the majority are from these three countries. I was already familiar with some of the Asian cultures having lived in South Korea for four years when my parents served as dorm parents at an international Christian school. I had never been to China or Vietnam before the trip, and it was a lot of fun to see those cultures as well.

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Insight from Our Leadership 1.22.15

Preparing Students for God's Purposes

As the sixth grade Bible and history at Ben Lippen School, my goal is to teach and prepare students for their life calling based on God’s purposes for them.

Of East Indian descent, I grew up with my moderately religious parents and five siblings as a Hindu in Trinidad and Tobago. From childhood I was exposed to Christian ideas, but it wasn’t until I was 19 that I made the life-changing decision to be a Christian while lying on my coconut fiber bed with the knowledge of Jesus arresting my mind in a moment of epiphany.

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Insight from Our Leadership 1.8.15

Dominated by Technology?

Did you find your home filled with more gadgets after the holiday season? I found myself with a new phone by the time the Christmas Break came to an end, and I was shocked to realize just how much time I’ve spent on it without planning or intending to.

In the past, I would use my free moments to stop and think or talk or look for ways to help others, but now I look for spare time so I can get back to my phone. I’ve noticed the same thing happening around Ben Lippen as students are often looking for opportunities to get back on their phones.  

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Insight from Our Leadership 12.4.14

Want vs. Need...We Need a Bus!

As many of you know, our fleet of buses were purchased used a number of years ago. It has been rumored that some may have been South Carolina prison buses. Anytime we evaluate how we will allocate a resource, a prudent question to ask is whether it is a want or a need. 

For years our community has expressed an interest in a travel bus and an updated fleet of large buses. As with any large asset, when the breakdowns increase and the repairs and upkeep costs become excessive, it is time to evaluate what needs to be done.

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Student Perspective 11.20.14

A Firm Foundation

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to attend Ben Lippen since kindergarten. Ben Lippen has meant so much to me and has been instrumental in making me who I am today. I recently heard the saying, “Christian education doesn’t cost; it pays.” As a high school junior, I am aware of the truth in this statement.

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Insight from Our Leadership 11.13.14

A Unique Ministry Opportunity

Have you ever traveled to a distant place, nervous about accommodations, food, and transportation, only to find that the warm hospitality of the people you encountered brought comfort and a sense of belonging? Have you considered how significant that experience was for you? As an outsider, it’s a wonderful thing to be brought into a home and welcomed as a friend.

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