Board & Leadership

Board of Directors

Jason Blackwell, Chair
Brian Simmons, Vice Chair
Bonnie Spacek, Secretary

Neal Burkhalter
Joe Gabriel
Mason Hardy
Don Jones
Andre Melvin
Brook Moore
Katie Richardson
Marq Ryan
Donald Taylor
Jay Thompson
Emily Woodard
Jeb Zoller
Rick McCain, Ex-Officio

Administrative Leadership

Tony Fajardo, Ph.D., Headmaster
Sally Settle, Administrative Assistant to the Headmaster

Kelly Adams, Admissions Director for Upper School
Christa Agee, Lower School Assistant Principal
Lee Alexander, Director of IT
Bonnie Allen, Assistant Director of Fine Arts
Leah Danford, Ph.D., Director of the Individual Learning Center (ILC)
Kelly Davis, Development Director
Tracy Fernandez, Middle School Assistant Principal
Shannon Glenn, Athletic Director
Karie Phillips, Director of Communications and Marketing
Jessica Capps, Director of College Counseling
John Hurd, Finance Director
Kelli Larsen, Lower School Principal
Lil Mason, Admissions Director for Lower School
Steve Maurelli, Lower School Director of Student Life
Tara Mitchell, High School Assistant Principal
Taylor Nelson, Fine Arts Director
Ben Porter, Ph.D., Associate Head of School, Director of Operations
Monica Remer, Ph.D., Associate Head of School of Academic Affairs
Max Russell, High School Principal
Steve Sark, International Student Program Director
Corey Thompson, Middle School Principal