Carefully Planned Curriculum

As our students move from pre-school to grade 12, we have an end goal in mind: to fully prepare your student for college and beyond, ready to impact and influence the world according to his or her unique gifts. We do this through fully-engaged learning each step of the way.

A Ben Lippen Graduate:

  • is armed with an intimate knowledge of who God is, is personally committed to living a life centered on Jesus, and desires continued growth in Christ-like character.
  • is prepared to thrive, in college and beyond, striving for excellence in all areas of life, taking responsibility for personal choices, and displaying a humble, teachable spirit.
  • is comfortable in multicultural environments and equipped with the knowledge, skills, and experiences to impact and lead in global ministries and marketplaces.
  • understands that service is a tangible expression of God’s love and that true joy is found when we live to bless others.
  • maintains an eternal perspective and does not shrink back from utilizing the gifts and talents given by God to further His mission.
  • instinctively seeks Christian community in future life stages having experienced genuine love, acceptance, encouragement, and accountability as a part of the Ben Lippen family.

Our philosophy of learning includes well-designed curriculum (constructed with the end in mind); learner-centered instruction; proven, effective teaching methodologies and an attitude of life-long learning add up to authentic learning and a well-educated child. At Ben Lippen School, we want to provide extraordinary opportunities in an inspiring educational environment.

Helping Students Thrive

We don’t want our students to just make it through school, we want them to thrive while here and in the future. To do so, we must first encourage them to pursue big dreams and be prepared for the future by offering a wide range of opportunities and challenging them to put learning into practice. We want to be a school that is always moving forward by providing and promoting values in the classroom and around campus.

Our goal is to provide an overall excellent program across the 4 A’s – Academics, Arts, Athletics, and Attitude (Spiritual Life) with the Living Curriculum of our faculty and staff. We will continue to invest in faculty, programs, and facilities that inspire and inform the learning experience.