Winterim FAQ

Winterim 2023-2024

General Winterim Information

  • Winterim sign-ups will take place September 5-8, 2023
  • This list is subject to change with possible additions and/or current Winterims being removed
  • Mission Trips that have been approved for full or partial support are marked with  *
  • Any minor cost adjustments (change in the cost of rentals, etc) will be made prior to sign-ups.
  • Each Winterim will have a service component as part of the week’s itinerary. 
  • Please contact Katie Pink with any questions:  (803) 807-4141

Winterim FAQ

What is Winterim?

Ben Lippen’s Winterim program initiates, builds, and deepens relationships while providing a wide variety of educational enrichment and service learning experiences outside the traditional classroom setting.  Each high school faculty member sponsors a Winterim and participation in Winterim is required for all students in grades 9-12. 

When is Winterim?

Winterim for the 2023 – 2024 school year will be January 16-19, 2024, with certain Winterims extending from Saturday, January 13th through Saturday, January 20th. 

How do I sign-up?

Sign-ups are September 5-8, starting at 11:00 AM each day 

9/5 – open to Seniors

9/6 – open to Juniors

9/7 – open to Sophomores

9/8 – open to Freshmen

A sign-up link will be sent out each night (prior to the sign-up day) to the e-mail address that is listed in RenWeb. The link will “go live” the following day at 11:00 AM. Simply click on the link and complete the form with your student’s TOP THREE CHOICES. 

 The link is sent to the parent email to ensure that parents and students have agreed on the Winterim choices.

All submissions are time-stamped and those Winterims that are full will no longer be available as a choice for the next day’s submissions.  Please have additional options ready just in case. 

What if I have more than one student in a grade?

The signup form has been created to accept more than one student at a time.  Therefore, if you have siblings in one grade you can sign-up for all of them on one form.  

If you have students in separate grades you will need to complete each form on the day it is open for these grades.

When will the Winterim lists be posted?

The Winterim student list for each trip will be posted in the high school by Monday, September 18th.  

Can my student switch after signing up?

As soon as the Winterims have been assigned, the leaders start booking hotels, transportation, and events in order to get the best prices.  Therefore, students are not allowed to switch after sign-ups.

What is the student-to-chaperone ratio? Can I chaperone?

The student: chaperone ratio is 15:1 in town and 10:1 on all overnight trips.

Some of the larger Winterims may need additional chaperones to achieve those ratios.  Additional chaperones are required to complete a volunteer application and receive a background check.  There is usually a cost involved for chaperones.  Please contact the Winterim leader if you are interested.

Can my student raise money for their Winterim?

All Winterims that are considered a mission trip are encouraged to raise support for their trip. This support will be considered a tax-free donation.  If your student is on one of these trips, you will be receiving additional information from the leader.

What is included in the price?

All Winterims are all-inclusive including meals, transportation, and events.  Students can bring spending money for souvenirs and additional spending money for meals if they are the extra hungry type.

How do I pay for my students’ Winterim?

The cost of the Winterim will be billed through your FACTS account.  All Winterims over $500 will be billed in three installments. October 10th, November 10th, & December 11th.  All Winterims under $500 must be paid by December 11th.  However, you can make as many partial payments as you want through your FACTS account up until the December 11th due date.  You do not have to wait until December to make a payment.

What if Winterims get canceled?

If our administration decides to make the call to cancel Winterims, all funds will be returned to the families. 

Any further questions?
If you still have questions about the Winterim program, please contact Katie Pink, Office of the High School: or (803) 807-4141.

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