Middle School

Grades 5 - 8

A Christ-Centered Environment for Intentional Growth

As a parent, you know that middle school is a critical time in a child’s life. During these important years, your son or daughter will take on more challenging academics, discover his or her unique passions, develop a deeper understanding of God’s word, and express the desire for more independence. This can either be a season of significant growth, or a struggle — the right environment can make all the difference.

The middle school program at Ben Lippen School is designed for families who want the biblical values they’ve taught at home over the years to be reinforced at school. Our positive learning environment equips students to thrive in high school and embrace a Christian lifestyle, loving God and others while pursuing excellence.

To get the best feel for our program and all we have to offer, we encourage you to schedule a tour.

A Positive Culture

Everything seems to become a little more complex in middle school. Whether it’s making new friends or balancing schoolwork with extracurricular activities, students need a strong support system to navigate these uncharted waters. The culture at Ben Lippen School is one where students feel safe, seen, and supported. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, our students are empowered to grow academically, spiritually, and socially.

  • Spiritual Growth OpportunitiesChapel, Bible classes, small group discussions, and spiritual life activities ensure our middle schoolers are consistently hearing the gospel, living by truth, and being equipped to share that truth with the world. 
  • Teachers Who Mentor — Because class sizes are small, teachers build authentic relationships with students, discipling them daily through intentional teaching and small group discussions. 
  • Healthy Friendships — We go to great lengths to prevent bullying and help students recognize and seek out healthy relationships. Our school counselor offers in-class lessons on related topics, as well as individual and group counseling. Chapel messages regularly emphasize how to respect others and model the love of Christ.
  • A Safe Campus — Middle schoolers crave a sense of security and safety and our cottage-style campus feels like a second home. Our security team is on campus at all times, which provides peace of mind for both parents and students.


“We are so thankful to have a school like Ben Lippen here in Columbia, South Carolina. The administrators, teachers and staff go above and beyond to instruct our children intellectually and spiritually. We see the impact Ben Lippen has made on our children and we are grateful!”

-The Yarborough Family

Engaging Academics

Recognizing how the mind of a middle schooler works, we make lessons collaborative, engaging, and hands-on. Whether it’s a STEM project, a roundtable discussion, or a class trip, teachers foster problem-solving skills and allow students to be challenged by different ideas. A biblical perspective is integrated into each subject area.

Meaningful Activities

Fine arts electives, interest-based clubs, and leadership organizations — it all works together to produce confident teens who are aware of their God-given gifts and ready to utilize them in the years ahead. A few favorites include our junior honor society, middle school newspaper, robotics, chess, band, choir, orchestra, and art.

Exciting Athletics

With 20+ sports teams, there is no shortage of opportunities for middle school students to develop their athletic skills. We have multiple levels of competition — middle school, junior varsity and varsity teams — each with a goal of helping student athletes live and play for God’s glory while becoming true team players.

Setting Middle Schoolers Up for Success

You want to know your teen can thrive today and tomorrow. We equip students for success in high school and college by focusing on key life skills and developing potential in the classroom and beyond. Our middle school program focuses on:

Life Skills
Administrators, teachers, counselors, and spiritual life directors work together to encourage positive goal setting, self-care, and life skills.

Study Hall
A dedicated middle school study hall promotes good study habits and allows the space students need to tackle more challenging coursework.

Electives and Honors Classes
Students can tailor their education to their interests, choosing a world language, fine arts electives, and honors classes if eligible.

Meet Our Passionate Educators

When choosing a new school, you’re not only concerned with what your child will be learning, but from whom they will be learning. We hire with intentionality — men and women who view their work as a calling rather than a job.  Our dedicated faculty and staff take the time to get to know students, allowing them to feel a great sense of belonging at Ben Lippen School. You can read more about them here.

Plan Your Visit

Schedule a tour of our middle school and see firsthand why families choose Ben Lippen School for their middle schoolers.