How to Apply

Day Student Application Process

Check out this step-by-step infographic of our admissions and enrollment process from starting an application to completing enrollment.

What Happens Next?

For more detailed “How to Apply” information, see below.

  1. Create an Account –  To begin the application process, create an online account. Note that a $100 non-refundable application fee is required.
  2. Complete Online Application – Plan for up to 30 minutes to complete and submit the online application.
    • Within the online application, the name and email address of a pastor or church staff member is required. For families moving from outside the Columbia area, you can submit contact information from your previous church. This person will be asked to complete a questionnaire that is required to move forward in the application process. The questionnaire will be sent to the pastor or church staff member automatically once you submit the application.
    • Additional Documentation Requirements:
      • For rising high school students – Unofficial transcript for all rising high school students
      • For rising 2nd – 8th graders – Copies of report cards from the last two years of school
      • For rising 1st graders – Copy of kindergarten report card
      • For all grades – Immunization Record (you will need to request a copy from your doctor’s office and be ready to upload this document when you complete the online enrollment process)
  3. Testing – Once the completed application and additional requirements are processed, an appointment will be scheduled for testing.
  4. Interview – Every family applying for admission will meet in person or by phone with a school principal. Interviews offer parents and principals the opportunity to ask questions and to determine if Ben Lippen is the best fit for the student.
  5. Notification of Acceptance – An acceptance email will be sent within one week of the interview if the student is applying for the current school year.
  6. Enroll and Register – To guarantee student placement, families should refer to the email notification of acceptance to enroll and register within the required amount of time. If the online enrollment is not completed within the required number of days, the student may be placed in the waiting pool.

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