Aeronautics Program Launch

July 27, 2023 Ben Lippen News, Upper School News

Ben Lippen School desires to see its students fly high in pursuit of their God-given passions by preparing them for all kinds of careers—including aviation. 

Partnering with Propel Aviation, Ben Lippen will launch an aeronautics program for the 2023-24 school year. The program will offer high school students the opportunity to learn about aviation and potentially earn a private pilot’s license by the time they graduate high school. This partnership allows students to begin their path for the glory of God during high school.

“Aviation is a unique profession that connects you internationally with different cultures, ethnicities, and faiths,” said Taj Troy, founder and owner of Propel Aviation. “As examples of Christ, pilots have the ability to share God’s love locally and globally.”

Propel’s FAA-certified pilots will teach the ground instruction on Ben Lippen’s campus during the program’s first semester. During the second semester, students may use the scheduled time to work on their flight hours. Ben Lippen hopes to continue to build the aeronautics program to expand students’ opportunities during high school and beyond.

“We desire to offer our students various types of opportunities to develop their passions for their future,” said Assistant Head of School of Academics, Dr. Monica Remer.

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