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Mr. Caleb Bethea

Teaches: English Seminars (Grades 10-12)

Mr. Bethea grew up with a close family of five in the slow, southern town of Toccoa, Georgia. He is currently enjoying his fourth year of marriage to his awesome wife, Emily, who is a Labor & Delivery Nurse at Palmetto Health Baptist. In his free time, Mr. Bethea enjoys writing fiction, listening to music, reading snarky music reviews, and walking with his wife in West Columbia, or Europe.

What is your most memorable experience at Ben Lippen? My most memorable moment at BL took place before I was officially hired.  During my senior year at CIU, I began an internship shadowing Mrs. Cox in her classroom.  She, very trustingly, allowed me to teach some poetry and philosophy in her Postmodern American Literature class.  Despite my wild nerves, it was one of the more fun experiences of my life. The students quickly rose to the difficulty of the texts I gave them, and when I left that semester, I knew there was no other career for me.

Why did you choose to teach at Ben Lippen? I chose to teach at BL because of the space given to teachers for creativity. With the English seminars specifically, we are encouraged to structure the courses according to our own expertise and passion. My courses tend to reflect my love for the more bizarre stories and poems of American and World Literature. Through these strange, exciting texts, I get to witness my students view God and the world around them in a way that is unique to each individual. For this reason, and many more, I am proud to teach English at Ben Lippen.