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Coach Brian Larsen

Head Varsity Baseball Coach
Teaches: Middle School P.E.
Coach Brian Larsen started at Ben Lippen in August 2017 as our middle school P.E. teacher after moving from the Charlotte area where he coached at Northside Christian Academy. Prior to Northside, Coach Larsen coached at Dr. Michael Krop High School in south Florida for six years where he lead his team to their first district title in over ten years. When Coach Jonathan Johnson stepped down as head varsity baseball coach, our school was blessed to be able to hire Coach Larsen for that position.
Coach Larsen has been married for almost 14 years to Kelli who also works at Ben Lippen as the dean of academics for the lower school. They have two amazing children: Jaelyn, age 7, and Devin, age 4. Coach and Mrs. Larsen are all about their kids and enjoy spending as much time as possible together as a family.
When asked about what Coach Larsen like doing in his free time, he had this to say. "Free time is definitely hard to come by with Kelli working in administration, and with me coaching high school baseball. We love going to the mountains as we have family there. We love doing things with our kids, whether it's at the park, movies, swimming, or just playing in the backyard."
What are you passionate about? I am extremely passionate about coaching baseball. This is my twentieth season coaching, and there is just something about competing, pushing players to be the best person and player that they can be, and watching when you see that light bulb go off in their heads. The ultimate reward for me, though, is to see four, five, and six years down the road to see the kind of men that they have turned into. I hope I was able to play a part in that.
Why do you choose to work at Ben Lippen? My wife and I chose BL for several reasons.  Working at a Christian school the previous six years truly changed my life. It helped me look even closer at my relationship with the Lord. I want that for my children as well.
What do you love most about teaching middle school? I love teaching middle school grades because it's the perfect time to try to make a difference in their lives because I believe this is when they are trying to discover who they are.