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Technology is an integral part of our society and an important tool in education, the workplace, and daily life. As such, Ben Lippen embraces and utilizes technology in order to enhance the pursuit of our mission and vision.

Our goal in this is not that technology should become the primary focus of the school or its curriculum. Rather, we believe that part of our responsibility as educators is to impart to our students the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare them for living the rest of their lives. In the time that we now live, it is clear that technology has become a ubiquitous part of daily life. Therefore, we believe that it should also be a significant and meaningful part of the learning process.

At Ben Lippen, this philosophy is evident in different ways at different grade levels. Lower school teachers have access to iPad carts that they can choose to bring into the classroom to enhance a particular activity. In the upper school, every student is issued an iPad to carry with him or her to every class and at home, which provides teachers the opportunity to expand learning activities in a variety of ways. In addition, technology, programming, robotics, digital media, and photography classes are offered in the upper grades. These classes offer students the opportunity to go deeper with their digital skills and to explore the possibilities that these skills afford.

Ultimately, we believe that the use of technology at Ben Lippen is just another example of how we seek to glorify God by assisting the family and church in equipping students spiritually, academically, socially, and physically under the Lordship of Jesus Christ!