Unique Tradition in the Arts

Throughout the years, Ben Lippen has sought to develop a wide range of artistic skills that significantly enrich the lives and hearts of students and the community. The three current areas of focus are the visual arts, music, and drama. With artistic development and biblical worldview at the core of the curriculum, students are given performance opportunities, level-specific courses, differentiated teaching, and strategic alignment across all subjects and curriculum. The last four years have seen renewed emphasis in the fine arts and incredible growth in both the quality and variety of department offerings. As a result, the Ben Lippen Fine Arts Department has become synonymous with innovation, expansion, collaboration, and devotion to artistic excellence.

Mission Statement
Under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and for the purpose of bringing glory to the Creator, the Ben Lippen Fine Arts exists to provide for students to value, explore and develop their God-given talents and skills in order to be prepared for success in the arts, life, and service to God.

Vision Statement
Upon graduation from Ben Lippen and due to their involvement in the Ben Lippen Fine Arts Department, Ben Lippen students will have developed the beginnings of a lifelong appreciation for the arts, an understanding of the power of communication conveyed via artistic means, a confidence and desire to participate in the creative process within the arts, and specific skills and abilities within at least one fine art.