Friends of Fine Arts

Friends of Fine Arts

It has been so encouraging to see the Ben Lippen community come together to support an essential part of our mission to equip students to impact the nations. Whether the Arts provide vocational, missional, or recreational opportunities, they ultimately are a unique way for us to experience God. For this reason, strong arts programs in an educational setting are absolutely essential. As you seek ways to get involved, we invite you to consider being active with the Fine Arts at BLS. Our desire is to bring students and families together to support one another. We also want to grow and to provide bigger and more opportunities for students to develop their unique gifting.

One way you can get involved is by becoming a member of the Friends of Fine Arts Booster Club (FoFA). There are a variety of ways you can serve. You can become an active member and volunteer by helping at events, planning, fundraising, and chaperoning. There are no membership fees or donations required to be a FoFA member! Our highest value is community support because we can’t do it alone.

You can also support the Fine Arts through donations. Like many booster clubs, we have a tiered level membership that includes free tickets to events, preferred seating, and advertising space! Thanks to the generous contributions of FoFA members over the course of the last two years, we have raised over $6,000 for the upper and lower school programs. We purchased sound equipment, choral risers, art storage units, and other practical and essential needs. We are calling all those who desire to get in the trenches and help to bring new opportunities for growth. You can join today by completing the membership application at the bottom of this page.

If you would like to support the arts at Ben Lippen, make a donation online. Choose how often you would like to give and then enter the donation amount. After clicking Continue, select “Other options” when asked “What do you want to give to?” and choose “BLS-Friends of Fine Arts Fund” from the drop-down menu. From there, follow the prompts to finalize your donation.

For more information, feel free to contact the following Friends of Fine Arts officers. We look forward to meeting you!

Friends of Fine Arts Officers

Chris Essig, Dean of Fine Arts

Courtney Neil, Treasurer

Richard McCain, Chairperson

Heidi Willard, Chairperson

FoFA Membership Application