Middle and High School

Biblical Artistic Expression

With artistic development and biblical worldview at the core of the curriculum, students are given performance opportunities, level-specific courses, differentiated teaching, and strategic alignment across all subjects and curriculum. The last few years have seen renewed emphasis in the fine arts and incredible growth in both the quality and variety of department offerings. As a result, the Ben Lippen Fine Arts Department has become synonymous with innovation, expansion, collaboration, and devotion to artistic excellence.

Please enjoy this performance by our 7th and 8th grade choir during the Upper School Band and Choir Concert on December 12, 2019.

Meet our upper school arts faculty

Jack Branney
Middle School Art Teacher
James BusbyJames Busby
High School Art Teacher
Joseph Caldwell
Upper School Theatre Teacher
Chris Essig
Upper School Music Teacher
Christian Sarazen
Upper School Band Teacher