Beyond Ben Lippen: Marion Smith

December 14, 2022 Alumni News

Defending American Liberty: Marion Smith

Marion Smith is a man on a mission. In the almost 20 years since the Ben Lippen alumnus graduated, he has been speaking around the world, serving as CFO for the Common Sense Society, working at the Heritage Foundation, establishing an educational program, and more. This is all for one purpose: to move people to appreciate and defend American liberty. Marion explains in a recent Columbia Metropolitan article that “someone had to shout from the rooftops” about the concerning trend of Americans’ (especially millennials and Gen Z-ers) growing desire to live in a communist or socialist country. The Common Sense Society, a non-profit he founded in 2009, continues to expand and so does its influence. According to the article, CSS’s varied initiatives strive to “promote individual liberty; voluntary exchange; free enterprise; creative, innovative, enduring art; and conservation of the natural world,” and in doing that Marion has hope that we may “overcome the dangerous and inhuman ideas surging in our time.” Click the link below to enjoy the full article.

Made in Cola Town: Marion Smith

Contending for freedom in the 21st century


There is another interesting Ben Lippen connection in this fantastic feature. Its author, deTreville (“Det”) F. Bowers, Jr., is a parent of three Ben Lippen alumni and grandparent of six current Falcons.