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Come and Drink

In our final online chapel, Mr. Burnett challenges every Ben Lippen student to consider Jesus’ constant invitation to “come and drink.”

Family Discussion Questions:

  1. What did you learn for the first time about The Feast of Booths?
  2. How does Jesus’ invitation to “come and drink” (v. 37) apply to both believers and non-believers?
  3. Do you tend to think of belief in Jesus as a moment in the past, or a reality in the present? Why?
  4. Am I “coming and drinking” often or am I allowing myself to get spiritually dehydrated? (v. 37)
  5. How could you prioritize “coming and drinking” this summer? (v. 37)
  6. Are there areas in your life today where you’re “kinking the hose” or “quenching the Spirit’s flow” in your life? (v. 38)
  7. If you’re discouraged by your honest answers to any of these questions then consider this gospel truth: Your ability to drink is not based upon your faithfulness in the past, but his faithfulness towards you! He came to you, and willingly drank your sin upon himself on the cross. How does that truth encourage you to “drink and keep drinking?”
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