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Dr. Tony Fajardo–8.24.22

Discussion Questions:

1. Dr. Fajardo began chapel with a story about his friend Raul from childhood. In the story Dr. Fajardo shared that Raul went in a different direction during middle school and ultimately ended up in prison. What are some destructive choices that can put a young person’s future in jeopardy?

2. Why do you think young people often make choices that go against their goals and hopes for their future? What circumstances lead to these choices being made?

3. The Scriptures give us wisdom to live by and they teach us how to walk in ways that lead to our flourishing. What are some Godly choices you are currently making? What are some areas that you currently find it difficult to make good choices in? (Ex. social media use, relationships, etc.)

4. All of us make ungodly choices at certain times in our life. The beautiful thing about the gospel is that it offers hope of restoration and redemption, even in the mess we make of our lives. What are some areas of your life that you have either seen redemption in, or are hoping for redemption in?

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