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Ed Smither: 12.7.22



Good morning everyone,

Today we heard a message from Ed Smither from CIU on the Origins of Christmas.

We learned about some of the historical traditions of the Christmas story and also some applications for our life now.

We will be continuing our discussion in family group today. Here are some questions to consider:

  1. What is one Christmas tradition that your family celebrates?
  2. Dr. Smither talked about some misunderstandings around the story of Christmas, including the date of Christmas and where Jesus was born? Was there anything you learned today that you didn’t know before?
  3. Dr. Smither said that Christmas is more than a day. What are some ways that you could worship differently during this Christmas season? How might that impact your relationship with Christ?
  4. Dr. Smither finished with asking us what gifts we are bringing to Christ? How well are you using your gifts and talents right now for the Kingdom?
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