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Ethnic Reconciliation from a Biblical Perspective

Pastor Jeff Philpott and Pastor Malcolm Walls discuss ethnic reconciliation from a Biblical perspective and the true unity that’s found in Jesus.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What stood out to you from this conversation and why?
  2. How does Satan want us to view one another vs. how God wants us to view one another?
  3. What does Ephesians 2 teach us about ourselves, the gospel, and its application to the church? Check out Ephesians 2:14-17.
  4. What is your understanding of the third space? What about this description was helpful for you?
  5. What is one attitude or activity that will help you grow in the area of ethnic/racial reconciliation?
  6. Pastor Jeff challenged us to learn to listen. Have you had a dialogue(s) with someone from a different background that has shaped your perspective in a positive way? What did you learn and how does that knowledge help you love others better?
  7. Pastor Malcolm said, “What God is calling us to is not just integration, but reconciliation; which first starts with transformation.” What does this statement mean practically? What is the starting point for true ethnic reconciliation?
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