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Evan English: 10.19.22






Discussion Questions:

  1. Evan quoted John Calvin in saying that nothing troubles us more than thinking that God may be like us. What does that mean? What would God be like if he was like us?
  2. In the story of the Prodigal Son, the son is humbled when he takes a job feeding pigs. Have you ever had an experience when God humbled you through a trial? Describe the experience?
  3. Evan spoke about making bargains with God. What leads us to think that God makes deals with humans? How can we correct our understanding of God’s heart?
  4. A great point was made that our family knows the difference between performance and real faith. Why do we allow our family to see the real us, when we hide from everyone else?
  5. Why does someone knowing you completely and loving you completely change you? How is God able to see us in our sin and still love us fully?
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