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God Is Faithful

USC’s starting quarterback, Collin Hill, shares his testimony and how God has been faithful throughout repeated sports injuries.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Was there anything specific that Collin said that stood out to you? What was it and why did it stand out to you?
  2. Collin was transparent about being frustrated at God after his first torn ACL. What realization did Collin have that enabled him to overcome his frustration towards God?
  3. What did Collin learn from his repeated injuries? More specifically, what did Collin learn about his relationship with Jesus through his sports injuries?
  4. Do you know of someone else who, like Collin, has experienced spiritual growth through adversity? Where does the Bible support the idea of growth through hardship?
  5. Collin gave an analogy of standing on a football vs. standing on solid ground. Take a moment to be honest with yourself and quietly reflect on this question. What is the weight of your life standing on? Is your identity resting on a firm foundation that will last through adversity?
  6. Collin said, “Even if I got hurt this last time (this year) and I wasn’t able to play another down of football, God is still faithful because I know that He has a plan for my life and it has nothing to do with my performance on the field.” What enables someone who has been through the same setback three times to say that?
  7. How should Collin’s story impact the way we view and pray for our own injuries?
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