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God Is Faithful

Lindsay Alexander continues our “God Is” series by sharing how God is faithful. She points to God’s faithfulness in the Bible and in her own life.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Lindsay talked about lying in bed and “bartering” with God to remove her from a hard situation with an unknown outcome. Has there been a time in your life where you have done something similar? What did that feel like? How do you look back on that situation now?
  2. When sin entered the world, we were all born with a flesh that is bent towards self. We often times transfer our hearts from our faithful God towards “faithless” things. What are some things you naturally turn toward other than God?
  3. Lindsay shared about moving in high school and the struggle of being removed from her comfort zone. Reflect on a season when you have been removed from a comfortable spot. How did you navigate that? Did God teach you anything during that time?
  4. Much like the “seed to tree” analogy that Lindsay shared, growth involves change. Within the past year, how have you experienced God at work in your life where you look more like Him now than you did a year ago?
  5. We can often look backwards and see God’s faithfulness but His word tells us that being faithful is who He is always. Take some time to reflect and praise God for His faithfulness in your life. Think of one person you can celebrate that with today.
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