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God Is Love (1 John 4:7-12)

In this week’s chapel, Coach Thomas Fisher shares how God’s very nature is to love, which He ultimately demonstrated in the cross of Christ, and knowing Him results in experiencing His love and loving others.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How does your class definition of love point back to God’s character?
  2. In 1 John 4:7-12, why does John see a bloody cross as the highest expression of love?
  3. Coach Fisher shared honestly about how he sometimes believed the lie that God loved him because he earned it through following the rules, making good grades, and being recognized as a Christian leader. How does the gospel of grace speak to that sort of works-based mentality?
  4. Who do you know that truly loves others well? How have you seen the love of God through their lives?
  5. Has someone ever loved you in a way that truly cost them? Have you ever been the recipient of sacrificial love? What was it like?
  6. What are some practical ways that we can love those around us?
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