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God Is Our Shepherd (Psalm 23)

In the second session of our Spiritual Emphasis Week, Trevor Miller continued our “God Is” series by sharing how “God is Our Shepherd” (Psalm 23). Although we are prone to wander, God protects, provides, and pursues his sheep.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Intro: Trevor shared about his encounter with the bear. Have you had any dangerous encounters with a wild animal?
  2. Trevor shared that there are 955 names used to describe God. That is a lot! Each one helps us better understand who God is. How many names could you use to describe yourself? What would others say? How do these names better help understand who you are? (examples: child, grandchild, brother, cousin, nephew, student, athlete, musician, etc.)
  3. If you were to express what God is like to someone, what name would you give Him?
  4. What are some dangers around us that we need the Good Shepherd to protect us from?
  5. What sheep-like behavior do you notice people (and yourself) displaying? (examples: herd mentality, ignorance of danger, prone to wander, etc.)
  6. How does it make you feel to know that Jesus pursues us as a shepherd would a lost sheep?
  7. To close: Read Psalm 23 as a prayer.
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