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James Walden: 10.26.22


Discussion Questions:

  1. James said that tension is the normal Christian life that we are called to live. What are some areas of life that seem especially difficult to navigate as Christians (some ideas are money, identity, politics, success)?
  2. An interesting statistic was shared that said an equal amount of, or an even greater amount of students from Christian schools than public schools “come out” in college. What are some reasons why kids struggling with this would stay hidden in high school? How could Christian schools engage these students before they went to college?
  3. What do you think is a common view of the church from LGBTQ individuals? Is this a correct view?
  4. What are your experiences with the LGBTQ community? Have you ever talked about faith in Christ with someone who identifies in this way? How did it go?
  5. James said that the key to engaging people is to sympathize with their stories without losing yourself? Have you ever engaged with someone that disagrees with you? What was the result?
  6. The gospel is for everyone, regardless of how they define themselves. Everyone is called to repent and believe. How we can we best engage people in the LGBTQ community with the gospel and what are some practical ways for us to do it?
  7. How would you expect someone who becomes a Christian out of this identity to change? What expectations should we have of lifestyle changes (ex. Leaving partners of the same sex, leaving friend groups, etc)?


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