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Jarrian Wilson: 11.9.22


Discussion Questions:

Today in chapel we heard from Jarrian Wilson (JayWill) from City of Refuge church about boasting in our weakness. It was a powerful message to students to bring their shame and brokenness to Christ. During Family Groups today, we will be continuing the conversation. Here are a few questions to consider:

  1. What social media influencers are most popular right now among teenagers? What is it about that person that makes them so popular?
  2. JayWill read from 2 Corinthians 12:1-10 today about Paul boasting in our weakness. Why would Paul boast or brag more about his troubles than his triumphs?
  3. While churches in persecuted parts of the world continue to grow, the American church is shrinking. What is the relationship between persecution and suffering and growth in Christ? How does American culture weaken the church here?
  4. Paul says in these verses that God allowed Satan to put a thorn in his flesh. Do you believe that God allows both the good and bad things in your life? Why would a good and powerful God allow painful losses and difficulties in our life?
  5. Have you ever experienced God’s presence in a time of weakness? If so, what did you learn about Christ and yourself in this experience?


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