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Jon Nahlen–9.28.22

Discussion Questions:

  1. Jon began chapel by talking about the awe of going to the beach and seeing the ocean. Which beach is your favorite to go to and why?
  2. The message today included the truth that all of us have things that we desire to go deep in. It could be sports, the arts, or a particular topic. Would some students share about what they love learning about and why they find this area so interesting?
  3. We heard today that the best moments in life happen when our body and minds are stretched to the limit. Describe a time when you felt the joy of being challenged like this.
  4. Jon talked about developing a life of worship and communing with God outside of chapel and church. Why do so many Christian teenagers rely on the church to do the work of drawing close to the Lord for them? How can we help students spend time individually with Jesus?
  5. Have you ever found a way to draw close to the Lord through prayer and reading that was consistent and helpful? If you have, spend some time letting these students share with the group about how this looks practically.


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