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What is the Gospel?

In this week’s chapel, Dr. Andre Rogers, Pastor at Concord Fellowship Baptist Church, answers the question, “What is the gospel?” He focuses on how Jesus died and rose again to get us to the Father!

Discussion Questions:

  1. Warm-up Question: A student once shared a “gospel acronym” in class with me that went like this: God’s Only Son Provides Eternal Life. Do you think that’s an adequate way to explain the gospel? Why or why not?
  2. Was there something specific that Dr. Rogers shared today that helped to give you a more complete understanding of the gospel? What was it and how did it help you?
  3. Understanding the gospel message can be confusing and sharing it with others can be intimidating. Why is that? Why do many people reject it?
  4. Have you ever heard somebody explain the gospel in a way that was very clear and made sense to you personally? What did that person share? What are the “essentials” of the gospel message that should never be left out?
  5. Have you ever had the chance to share the gospel with somebody? What was it like? What did you learn through that experience?
  6. Dr. Rogers made it very clear that Christ died to get us to the Father. We often speak of forgiveness as the end goal, but forgiveness is the means by which we get to God. The goal of forgiveness is a relationship with God where we can enjoy Him as we were meant to! What does enjoying God look like practically on this side of heaven?
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