Traffic Patterns for the 2019-20 School Year

August 13, 2018 Ben Lippen News

We are excited about beginning the 2019-20 school year! With the new school year and the completion of our new Arts and Science Center comes a change in the traffic pattern at our Monticello Road campus for high school only. There is a graphic at the bottom of this email showing the traffic patterns for each division at our Monticello Road campus. The traffic pattern at our St. Andrews Road campus has not changed.

High School – All high school students should be dropped off and picked up in the new circular drive in front of the gym. There are two distinct lanes: the left is for “pull-through” and the right is for “drop-off/pick-up.” You may drop off/pick up students on the curve. Please do not drop students off or pick them up on the straightaway or on the main road. Please note: the only allowable parking in the circular drive is in the two designated spots (one handicapped spot and one 5-minute parking spot).

Middle School – Middle school drop-off has not changed.

Lower School-Monticello Road – Lower school drop-off has not changed.

Lower School-St. Andrews Road – Lower school drop-off has not changed.

See graphic below for the new traffic pattern (click for printable version). There will also be personnel on-site for the first few days to ensure everyone’s safety and a smooth transition to the new pattern.