Construction Traffic Pattern

October 22, 2018 Ben Lippen News

Change is coming to Ben Lippen’s Monticello Road campus in a big way. The Upper School expansion project is about to get underway as evidenced by the installation of construction fencing. This will also change the traffic pattern to which we are accustomed. The construction project will permanently close access to the main driveway in front of the high school. Therefore, the drop-off/pick-up driving patterns for lower and high school students will change on the morning of Wednesday, October 24.

High School – The senior parking lot will become the main thoroughfare for high school drop-off. Midway through the parking lot, drivers will see two distinct lanes for vehicles: one for “Pull Through” and one for “Drop-off/Pick-up.” These will be labeled both on the roadway and with signs.

Middle School – Middle school drop-off will not change. We encourage all families with middle and high school students to drop-off in the middle school area to help reduce traffic in front of the school.

Lower School – Lower school drop-off will change only in the route to be driven. All lower school traffic should continue down the main road alongside the football field toward the boarding program houses. At the stop sign, turn right and drive up the hill and turn left towards the elementary school. The drop-off pattern remains the same. Exit the lower school area as usual. Be aware, the short distance going down the hill is now a two-way road.

See graphic below for the new traffic pattern. There will also be personnel on site for the first few days to ensure everyone’s safety and a smooth transition to the new pattern.