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Arts Academy: Raising the Bar in Individual Instruction

Private Instruction

Ben Lippen School offers private instruction from renowned faculty in music, acting, and visual art both during and after school. This individualized approach allows students to grasp advanced concepts in their craft and focus more specifically on honing their unique skills. As part of this process, each instructor in the Arts Academy helps students think about their craft from a biblical worldview and challenges them to engage in real-world opportunities to reflect the Creator with excellence. Arts Academy students who study music may be invited to perform in a Christmas Recital and a Spring Recital.



Meet our Instructors

Bonnie Allen
Arts Academy Director and Strings Instructor
Dr. Lacey Marye, Piano Instructor
Dr. Lacey Marye
Piano Instructor
Victoria Boyce, Voice Instructor
Victoria Boyce
Voice Instructor
Braden Cox, Drums Instructor
Braden Cox
Drums Instructor
Dr. Jenn Noonan, Piano Instructor
Dr. Jenn Noonan
Piano Instructor
Avery Jeffeaux 
Brass & Woodwinds Instructor
Chris Essig
Guitar Instructor