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Band: Equipping Students with Lifelong Skills

Middle School

Students in grades 5-8 can choose to enroll in a year-long band course as their Fine Arts elective. Our students build on the music skills they learned in Lower School, while beginning to transfer these skills to a specific brass, woodwind, or percussion instrument. Students are grouped in ensembles by grade level to provide level-specific, differentiated instruction within a diverse repertoire of musical styles. Students perform throughout the year at the Middle School Christmas Concert, the Carowinds Festival of Music, the SCISA Music Festival, the SCBDA Solo & Ensemble Festival, and the Middle School Spring Concert.

High School

Students in grades 9-12 may enroll in High School Band to fulfill their Fine Arts graduation requirements. Students build advanced skills in reading music notation and analyzing musical concepts across a diverse body of repertoire while refining their skills on a specific instrument. Students who enroll in High School Band for multiple years qualify for honors credit and are prepared to audition for music scholarships at the university level. Students perform at multiple events, including the High School Christmas Concert, the Carowinds Festival of Music, the SCBDA Concert Performance Assessment, and the High School Spring Concert. Additionally, students have the opportunity to audition for the SCBDA All-Region and All-State Bands.

In Fine Arts, you get to learn real life skills that you're actually going to use. I want to be a musician, and band has given me an opportunity to pursue my goal.

Clancy, Class of 2028