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Choir + Acapella: Giving a Voice to Truth

Middle School

Students in grades 5-8 can choose to enroll in a year-long choral course as their Fine Arts elective. Our students build on the music skills they learned in Lower School, while beginning to perform diverse styles of repertoire in specific ensemble voicings. Students are able to sing in mixed-gender choirs in both 5th and 6th Grade, while 7th & 8th Grade students are enrolled in either the Men’s Chorus or the Women’s Chorus to provide tailored instruction during the vocal change. Students perform throughout the year at the Middle School Christmas Concert, the Carowinds Festival of Music, the SCISA Music Festival, the SCMEA Choral Performance Assessment, the Middle School Spring Concert, and 8th Grade Promotion.


High School

Students in grades 9-12 may enroll in High School Choir or audition for High School Honors Choir to fulfill their Fine Arts graduation requirements. In addition, students in grades 9-12 may audition for the extra-curricular High School A Cappella club. 
Students build skills in reading music notation while studying diverse styles of music, including worship, pop, Broadway, classical English, classical foreign language, spirituals, and music from global cultures. Students perform at multiple events both on and off campus, including a Candlelight Christmas Evening at the Biltmore Estate, the High School Christmas Concert, the Carowinds Festival of Music, the SCMEA Choral Performance Assessment, the High School Spring Concert, and Senior Graduation. Additionally, students enrolled in Honors Choir will participate in an overnight leadership retreat and have the opportunity to audition for the SCMEA All-State Chorus


Taylor Nelson
Director of Fine Arts
High School Choir Teacher

I love choir at Ben Lippen because we get to build friendships, hang out with each other, and go on fun trips. Mr. Nelson pursues us and encourages us to reflect the Lord in what we do.

Jay, Class of 2026