Final Winterim Information

September 6, 2019 Upper School News

Winterim sign-ups are finally here!

Sign-ups begin on Monday, September 9th at 11 AM with our senior class.  Juniors on the 10th, Sophomores on the 11th and Freshmen on the 12th.

Please review all the following as some information is new.

Winterim  Information

  1. Transportation waiver – any Winterim that will be using rental vehicles (minivans, SUV, etc.) will have a required signature needed on a standard transportation waiver that will state that in the event of an accident CIU/BL will not be held liable. The following Winterims will require a transportation waiver: Belize, Book Fairies, Creative Expressions, Fish & Feed, Give Kids the World, Hunters for the Hungry, Joy Ranch, Mission to New England, O Canada!, Panama, San Francisco, SCUBA, Southern Food & Fun, and Wrestling & Fishing.
  2. Proof of Passport – if a passport is required for your student’s Winterim proof of passport or proof of passport application must be turned in to the Winterim leader by October 1st.  If proof is not provided by October 1st your student will be removed from that Winterim and placed in any local Winterim that still has openings.  Please note that you might be responsible for any monies incurred for your student prior to October 1st.  This cost could include airline ticket deposits, hotel room or tickets already purchased in addition to the cost of the new Winterim.
  3. New Payment plan – Our business office has asked for a scheduled payment plan for all Winterims over $500.  These Winterims will be billed as follows:
    1. October 6th – ⅓ of total cost
    2. November 6th – ⅓ of total cost
    3. December 6th – ⅓ of total cost.

All Winterims under the total cost of $500 will be due on December 6th.

* If you have auto-draft on your FACTS account these payments will be automatically drafted on the dates mentioned above.

  1. Raising support for mission Winterims – information regarding raising support will be sent out for those students who are going on those trips.
  2. As in years prior, the Ben Lippen administration holds the right to deny a student their requested Winterim due to past behavioral issues.

How to sign up your student

An email will be sent to the parent email(s) listed in RenWeb.  This email will arrive the night prior to each day of sign-ups.  This email will include a list of Winterims still available for your student and the link to sign-up your student – this link will not work until 11 AM the following day.

You will need to complete the following information:

Student Last Name

Student First Name

Selection #1 – The drop-down will only have those Winterims with spots still available.

Selection #2 – Please be sure to make a different selection than #1

Selection #3 – A different selection please

By clicking Yes you are agreeing to pay the full amount of your student’s Winterim by December 06, 2019.  I understand that if the Winterim cost is more than $500 I will be billed in three installments on October 6th, November 6th & December 6th.

Add another student?

Yes or No

Click submit to finish 

You will then receive the following message:

    Thank you for taking the time to submit your selections.

And you are all set!

Current list of Winterims with final prices 

Active in the Carolinas     $320

Belize                                  $1700

Board Games                    $100

Book Fairies                      $250

College Tours                   $200

Cooking                             $300

Costa Rica                         $1950

Creative Expressions      $430

Ends of Earth Cycling     $1200

Explore the Black Forest $1950

Fish & Feed (Burnett)       $275

Give Kids the World        $1100

Hunters for the Hungry   $600

Job Shadow                     no cost

Joy Ranch                         $395

Local Service Projects    $85

Mission to New England $1000

O Canada!                          $1500

Panama                             $1700

Pastelink                           $260

Pottery                               $365

Sabor Latino                     $300

San Francisco                  $1650

SCUBA                              $1600

Sew Much Fun                $325

Southern China               $2200

Southern Food & Fun     $900

Under the Sea                 $1100

Wrestling & Fishing (Kaiser) $750

Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information.

Sheri Zagata
Office of the High School Principal