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Our Impact Report

Ben Lippen School’s culture of generosity and gratitude is an extension of our commitment to excellence. Your charitable gifts provide every student with the best education and experience possible. Support from our parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends translates into larger gifts from outside organizations and propels us forward together.

The Lord has done an amazing work at Ben Lippen through the dreams, prayers, and sacrifices of those who came before us.

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Completed Projects


Arts & Sciences Center

Please enjoy this short highlight video of the Dedication and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of our Arts and Science Center.


Golf Development Complex

In Spring of 2022, Ben Lippen hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony for our new Golf Development Complex. This professionally-designed project, which was fully funded by individual donors, allows our athletes to train in real course conditions in our own backyard. It will also be used to introduce golf as a lifelong sport in physical education classes, after school, and in summer camps. We are grateful to everyone who made this dream become a reality. Click the video to see highlights from the celebration.

Speed & Agility Center

Ben Lippen Athletic’s new Falcon Fit program hosts two of the Southeast’s best personal trainers in our new state-of-the-art Outdoor Speed & Agility Center.

Why was it needed: An athlete must train and condition for strength, speed, and agility to reach maximum performance levels. The OS&A area will provide additional room for athletes to develop in the areas of speed and agility. Lateral speed, linear speed, change of direction, and footwork are all critical components of athletic performance. This center will allow our athletes to achieve a higher level of athleticism, translating into more significant individual and team performance.

Direct Impact:  Having a dedicated space will allow us to expand our curriculum, add more classes, and serve more students both in-season and out-of-season.

Dining Room Renovation - Phase 1

Why was it needed:  With the increase in census for all of the upper school, we need more space for students to eat lunch post-Covid. Because we still serve four seatings at lunch, we needed to expand the space to provide extra room between tables while also increasing capacity. This extra space used otherwise inefficiently used space for an increased capacity of 150 dining room seats.

Direct Impact:  The improved space gives the campus, as a whole, the opportunity to host two separate events in the dining room at one time. This space can be used by athletic teams as well as academic groups. This expansion is another step of Ben Lippen School moving to upgrade facilities to the point that we don’t have a campus that looks “tired” and “run-down.”

Dining Room Renovation - Phase 2 (New Flooring, Serving Stations, Kitchen)

Description: In a complete redesign of the kitchen and dish areas, we removed all portable buffet lines and replaced them with new millwork with stationary buffet lines.

Why Was It Needed: The current equipment has been used at the school for many years. This new design will ease traffic flow, provide a more varied menu, and establish the “WOW” aesthetics that we want to provide our students. The re-design of the kitchen will allow space for the company to prepare more food onsite and create opportunities for “batch cooking,” thereby offering fresher and more nutrient-dense foods. The redesign of the dish area will make dish disposal easier and will keep the unsightly trash and food scraps out of the dining room while providing new equipment to provide clean wares for serving.

Direct Impact:  Students and faculty will simply enjoy “an enhanced and fabulous dining experience.”

Worship and Performing Arts Center Renovations (Stage & Lobby)

Project Description: We have several projects planned for the Performing Arts Center, namely renovating the stage to create a hardwood floor; updating paint in the foyer; building a shiplap wall and installing the Ben Lippen seal on the wall in the lobby.

Why is this needed? We need to create a safe space for students to perform during the musicals. In additon, upgrading the Performing Arts Center entrance would create a professional atmosphere for performances and art shows.

Direct Impact:  These upgrades allow students to build skills in acting, singing, dancing, and stagecraft in a safe environment. Teachers will also benefit by leading rehearsals in a professional setting.

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