Center For Life Impact Campaign

Center for Life Impact

Cost: $4,000,000

More and more families are seeking an academically rigorous education that is grounded in biblical truth, yet Ben Lippen is at capacity in most grade levels. We also have a critical need for large flex spaces where our extraordinary community can gather, grow, and flourish. Ben Lippen’s next building project, the Center for Life Impact, would prevent us from turning away students and families who desire the impact of a Kingdom education and is sure to become the central hub for connection.

Facility Details:
The 9,500-square-foot Center for Life Impact will enhance the Ben Lippen experience by providing:
  • six additional classrooms,
  • large community flex space for student, parent, teacher, and alumni meetings and events,
  • recreation, fellowship, and study space for international and day students,
  • opportunities for teacher/student connection outside of the classroom,
  • dedicated alumni area with a historical display of our long, rich heritage,
  • safe and supervised area for students awaiting pick up, and
  • office space for student resources, such as academic advising, college counseling, accommodations, and student discipleship.

Your gift will help make this dream a reality.


Center For Life Renderings

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