Stokes Family Scholarship

Is joy contagious? It is for those who know Luke and Kira Stokes. You can see it in their eyes. No matter what God’s providence has brought them in their marriage, Luke and Kira continue to laugh and smile. It’s a genuine joy found only in the hope of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In 2018, Kira, mother of twins Lucas and Collins and precious Dillie, was diagnosed with stage 1 melanoma. In 2020, the melanoma returned and rapidly advanced to stage 4, despite various treatments.

Armed with a deep love of the Lord, Luke and Kira chose to educate their children at home. Due to health and travel demands, Kira’s ability to homeschool became increasingly difficult. Concern for what was best for the children and Kira’s health became a more prominent prayer. They were not without hope.

God parted their “Red Sea” and provide for them in countless ways. Their prayers continued and their joy was evident because they knew God would take care of every detail. Little did they know that it would come by way of their children being given the opportunity to attend Ben Lippen, the school whose heartbeat and philosophy are the closest to their own.

When Kira and Luke learned that they were going to be touring the school, they were thrilled. But they were even more excited after the tour was complete. They were overcome by the compassion and support of the administration. They were comforted by the care and attentiveness of the teachers and knew Lucas and Collins would be in great hands during this vulnerable time. The reputation of Ben Lippen’s solid biblical foundation brought great peace and joy to Luke and Kira who care deeply not only about their children gaining a Kingdom education but who also care about the hearts of their children. The Stokes family is humbled by God’s compassion and care. To know they are now a part of the Ben Lippen family and that their children will be loved and cared for in ways like they were while homeschooling is a reminder of God’s presence with them.

Lucas and Collins enrolled in January of 2022, and Kira noted that Ben Lippen “breathed new life into the twins”. God opened yet another door for the siblings to be together, and Dillie will begin Pre-Kindergarten at Ben Lippen this fall.

Kira went to be with the Lord on July 29, 2022. While her death leaves a deep and painful void here on earth, we rejoice that she is healed and seated with her Savior for whom she lived.

If you would like to assist the family with tuition support at Ben Lippen School, please click the link below. Thank you for your generosity and prayers for Kira’s family and friends.


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