Grades 5-8 are Formative Years

A student's experience in middle school sets the stage for success in high school,
college, and beyond. During this season of rapid academic, social, and spiritual
development, young adolescents need a supportive, Christ-centered learning
community. Ben Lippen School is pleased to offer just that, emphasizing the
middle years as a time of leadership, not influence. 

Why Choose Ben Lippen School

Rigorous Academics

Middle school is typically the time when students fall behind or forge a solid path toward college-prep. Our engaging curriculum and devoted teachers foster a love for learning and a hunger for wisdom in middle schoolers.

Christ-Centered Community

Most students widen their social circles in middle school. Being surrounded by like-minded peers makes this a smooth process. Christian teachers, coaches, and staff provide mentorship and model Biblical values daily.

Exciting Activities

Ben Lippen is a safe place for students to try new things, discover their unique, God-given talents, and enjoy a wide variety of activities. Middle school student life is marked by meaningful experiences.

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Ben Lippen is the real world. Our children attend class with children from all over the city (and the world) and all walks of life. Ben Lippen teachers our children how to seek God and incorporate Him in everything we do. That's as real as it gets.

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