High School: Dual Credit Spring Semester Schedule

October 28, 2021 Upper School News

Good Afternoon!

I have attached a listing of CIU’s dual credit offerings for Spring 2022. This is not an exhaustive list but rather the most popular classes taken by Ben Lippen students.

The schedule shows the dual credit classes as grouped by In-person and Online courses. If you are interested in taking an in-person class, it needs to fit in either your first or second block (as noted on the listing). CIU offers courses on an M-W-F or T-R basis, and Ben Lippen is on an A/B schedule, so the days do not coincide. So to attend an in-person CIU class, you must have both A and B days free for either your first or second period. Some students take one in-person class during the 1st or 2nd block and then take an online course on the alternating days.

The online classes are noted by a V05 or V08 in the title.

Here are the upcoming events hosted by CIU:

Monday, November 1, 8:30-9:30
Donut day and information about registration. They will be handing out a QR code with a link for registration.

Friday, November 12, 11 p.m. – 12 p.m.
Jones Center, Seminar Room
Free Moe’s Lunch for 10th – 12th Graders
Chance to meet CIU students and make connections

Monday, November 16, 9:30 to Noon
Registration for spring classes in Ben Lippen Library

Registration is now open with CIU. Spring classes start 1/11/22 and end 4/30/22. Each student is part of the free textbook rental program. Additionally, students pay the CIU tuition cost of $100 per credit hour.

I look forward to seeing you on Monday and helping you decide on your classes for the spring semester.

Tamara Dallery
Registrar & Academic Counselor
(803) 807-4100 Phone
(803) 744-1387 Fax