Lower School Field Day – Message from Mr. Hamner

April 20, 2022 Lower School News

Dear Parents:

I am so excited to continue the tradition of hosting 2 awesome field days for Ben Lippen Lower School. Field Day is at the Monticello Road campus on the designated day for your child’s age group below:

I wanted to send a schedule and give everyone who would like to volunteer an opportunity to sign up! We would like at least 1 parent volunteer at each station. Parents, if you volunteer to help during Field Day, please be on the football field at 8AM. PLEASE DO NOT bring your children to the field with you to help decorate or setup. The element of surprise makes Field Day that much more fun!!

Between 10am and 12/12:30pm classes will be cycling through 10-13 different stations on 10 minute intervals. If you are “working” at that station your job will be to give each class directions on how to play the game, reset your station when a class is done and keep them having fun. Everything you need will be waiting for you at your station. My plan is to have 1-2 volunteers per station plus their teacher so no one should be overwhelmed. This should also allow you each to take a turn to watch your own children participate. Teachers will travel with their classes and help facilitate and play the activity. After all the classes have come through your station, please consolidate your station’s “stuff.” This will help us close the festivities down quickly.

The children are to wear their P.E. uniforms or Friday Spirit Wear for Field Day. Please remember to apply sunscreen prior to bringing your children to the field. Please also send in a water bottle labeled with your child’s name. Water stations will be set up to refill them as needed. Students will eat lunch on the football field after the event. Please send a fully disposable bagged lunch with your child’s name on it for Field Day.

If you would like to volunteer to help with this fun day, please contact me: There is no possible way I can properly thank everyone for blessing our children and helping with this exciting day. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

Together in Christ,

Eric Hamner
Lower School P.E. Teacher
Track and Field/XC Coach
(803) 807-4400 Phone

9:40-50am Teachers will organize their classes and bring them down to the track/football field.
9:50am Prayer and Instructions
10:00-10:10 1st Station
10:11-10:21 2nd station
10:22-10:32 3rd station
10:33-10:43 4th station
10:44-10:54 5th station
10:55-11:05 6th station
11:06- 11:16 7th station
11:17-11:27 8th Station
11:28-11:38 9th Station
11:39-11:49 10th Station (last station for PK3-K5…Lunch to Follow from 11:50-12:30pm)
11:50- 12:00 11th Station
12:01-12:11 12th Station
12:12-12:22 13th Station
12:23-12:35 Tug-of-War for 3rd – 4th graders only
12:35 – 1:15pm Lunch outside