Lower School Summer Update 8.5.22

August 5, 2022 Ben Lippen News, Lower School News


I hope this email finds you and your family rested and excited for the new school year. Our teachers, faculty, and staff are working hard to ensure we have a great start to the 2022-2023 school year! Below are several pieces of information that you may find helpful.

Handbook Updates: an updated handbook is available online (Lower School Handbook).

Supply Lists: found under the ‘Current Families’ tab on the website (School Supply Lists).

Calendar: Please be sure to check out the school calendar for upcoming events (BLS Calendar). Upcoming events include New Parent Dinner, Open Campus, Start of School, and Parent Night.

Enrichment Schedule: This year we are excited to announce the addition of Technology to our enrichment schedule. Students will now have the opportunity to attend Music, Art, P.E., Spanish, Library, and Technology on a six-day rotation cycle. This exciting change means that P.E. days, and P.E. campus wear, will no longer be on the same days each week. Teachers will communicate the upcoming P.E. day each week in the newsletter, and you may dress your child in P.E. campus wear on that day. To avoid any confusion or frustration, please know that P.E. campus wear is optional, and we will be very gracious and understanding if it happens to occasionally be worn on a non-P.E. day. The 2022-2023 school year will be our transitional year for P.E. campus wear, ultimately moving to regular campus wear Monday-Thursday in the 2023-2024 school year. As always, Friday is Spirit Day!

God has continued to bless us with exceptional opportunities to hire fabulous teachers. We will have some new faces on campus this year, as well as returning faces in new places.

Monticello Road
Christ Carroll – moving from teaching assistant to teaching 1st grade
Angela Matheus – returning to us to teach 3rd grade
Janell Kull – teaching assistant
Erin Elfert – teaching assistant

St Andrews Road
Kennerly Jordan – moving from teaching assistant to teaching 1st grade
Stacey Uhlman – teaching 3rd grade
Connie Gilliam – moving from teaching 3rd grade to teaching assistant
Lindsay Williams – teaching assistant

Northeast Campus
Amy Parks – nurse/administrative assistant
Kailey Burt – teaching 2nd grade
Ashley Christman – teaching assistant

LynnAnn Sawyer – moving from teaching assistant to Music teacher
Angela Leneschmidt – moving from teaching 1st grade to librarian
Jud Brooker – teaching Physical Education
Cathy Toburen – teaching Art

Letters from the teachers are on the way so be on the lookout!

We are looking forward to a wonderful year, filled with grace and God’s blessings. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Ben Porter, Ph.D.
Assistant Head of School
Lower School Principal
Ben Lippen School
(803) 807-4219 Phone