Lower School: Summer Updates

August 3, 2021 Lower School News


I hope you are doing well and have had a chance to relax some this summer. As hard as it is to believe, the 2021-2022 school year is just around the corner. Our faculty and staff are excited about this coming year and are looking forward to having students back in the classrooms and hallways.

Below are several pieces of information that you may find helpful.

Handbook Updates – attached to this email is the updated handbook.

Major revisions include the addition of Nike polo style shirts being allowed during the week. Nike polos with proper BLS embroidery can be purchased through the Ben Lippen Fan Shop.

Calendar – Please be sure to check out the school calendar for upcoming events (BLS Calendar). Upcoming events include New Parent Dinner, Open Campus, Start of School, and Parent Night.

We will have some new faces on campus this year. Below is a list of new employees and/or new positions.

  • Monticello Road – 
    • Sarah Traynum – moving from teaching 4th grade to teaching Kindergarten
    • Christl Williams – moving from teaching 3rd grade to teaching 4th grade
    • Ashley Zander – moving from teaching 3rd grade at SAR to teaching 3rd grade at MR
    • Kim Cox – new teaching assistant
    • Courtney Tipping – new teaching assistant
  • St Andrews Road – 
    • Hannah Edgren – moving from teaching assistant to teaching 1st grade
    • Emilie Clinton – new 3rd grade teacher
    • Sara Smithson – new teaching assistant (returning to us)
    • Marjorie Mack – new teaching assistant
    • Nicole Polek – new teaching assistant
  • Northeast Campus – 
    • Christa Agee – moving from teaching 1st grade at SAR to Assistant Principal at NE
    • Bekah Wenning – new nurse/administrative assistant
    • Mandy Abrams – moving from teaching assistant at SAR to teaching PK4 at NE
    • Cindi McCain – moving from teaching Kindergarten at MR to teaching Kindergarten at NE
    • Debbie Martin – new 1st grade teacher
    • Martha Davis – moving from teaching assistant at MR to teaching assistant at NE
    • LynnAnn Sawyer – new teaching assistant

At this time, class lists are available to view in Renweb.

We are looking forward to a great year filled with valuable memories and lessons. As always, please join us in praying for God’s protection, wisdom, and discernment as move into the new school year.

Ben Porter, PhD
Lower School Principal