Message from the Headmaster

August 9, 2019 Ben Lippen News

Dear Falcon Parents,

The new school year is quickly approaching. As much as most young people would like to have the long, restful days of summer extended, many will acknowledge they are looking forward to being at Ben Lippen School with their classmates and teachers engaging in all the many school activities.

As we head into this 78th year of BLS, and what is personally my third year as headmaster, we are excited by the fresh promise of new beginnings and extraordinary growth that the year holds for each Ben Lippen student. Joining our 600+ returning students are 200+ new students starting their Falcon careers this August. We extend a special welcome to each of our new students in grades Pre-K3 through 12. We are excited for them to join our Falcon community and will offer them and their parents a special welcome in the coming days. While our new students may likely be nervous, every student, new or returning, is filled with curious anticipation of a year including discovery, challenge, growth, and transformation.

In my years at BLS, I have observed our students gathered at the first few meetings, from the eager and fidgety student to the chatty and socially aware student to the reflective young person as well as those in their comfort zone. As an educator, I find it an inspiring and moving scene that captures the very purpose of Ben Lippen: nurturing and educating students, each as an individual who is also a member of this collective community, and promoting and witnessing their growth into young men and women who love Jesus Christ. It is this common purpose in a community centered in honesty and respectfulness, empathy and courage that nurtures students and ensures their growth into talented and responsible young men and ladies.

All of us at BLS eagerly anticipate this new school year with its full and rich promise for our students and school community. We look forward to welcoming your children as we once again come together with renewed energy, vision, and dedication. We are deeply grateful that you have chosen us in this shared and transformative endeavor.


Tony Fajardo