New High School Courses

July 9, 2020 Upper School News

Dear High School Families,

Over the summer we have been working to develop some new courses for the 20-21 school year and we are excited to unveil them!  Below are course descriptions for each course along with any grade-level requirements and pre-requisites.

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS – Kent Ingrum (Social Science 1.0 credit), 9th – 12 th

This course focuses on significant issues facing the nations of the world and the interaction of nation states and non-states groups.   The course is project-based allowing the students to do individual and group research, analysis and presentations utilizing current reporting from around the world and scholarly articles.  Students will develop critical thinking skills as they seek to understand events in light of a biblical worldview.

SPORTS MEDICINE – Stephen Murphy (Elective 1.0 credit), 11th & 12th only

Sports Medicine is the study of the healthcare professions as they relate to caring for athletes/active population. This course will be taught from a flipped classroom perspective, where most of the didactic learning will take place outside of school hours.  Hands-on learning will be the focus of this course during school hours.  It will be taught from a platform with practical applications as well as strengthening critical thinking skills. Concepts covered include: anatomy and physiology, sports specific injuries, rehabilitation of injuries, and injury specific treatments.  Students will be immersed in the training room during and after school hours, and they will get exposure to many different healthcare professions. 5 hours outside of the classroom are required per week in the training room or at sports practices/games. Prerequisites: Earned 90 or higher in Biology, enrolled in or completion of Anatomy and Physiology. Faculty approval and recommendation required for entrance.  Application required (see link below).  Applications should be submitted to

If you are interested in either of these new classes, please let me know and I’ll check to see if they work with your schedule.

Have a great weekend!

Amanda Harmon
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