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Affirmation Board

Recently, our upper school family groups met and did an affirmation activity. Here is an account of Math Teacher Tara Truesdale’s experience.

“At the end of a very busy week full of tests, projects, elections, and so much more, we got to take some time today as families to just encourage each other. It may be “cool” to roast each other, but let’s be honest. All of us need to hear the good that others see in us, especially after a week that may have left us feeling a little less. So, one at a time, each student came up to the front of the classroom. I prayed over the student as his or her ‘brothers and sisters’ thought of things they could say about that student. I love praying for my kids, but sometimes, it’s good for them to hear the words as I thank God for them by name and ask Him to reveal Himself to them and help them see themselves more like He does. After I prayed, each of the student’s ‘brothers and sisters’ wrote those reminders on the whiteboard. It may seem cheesy and sometimes we struggled to find the words, but today, we lifted each other up, and we all need more of that.”

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