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Ben Lippen Students Recognized at State Fair

The Ben Lippen Fine Arts Department is excited to recognize students who had artwork selected for display at the 2019 South Carolina State Fair. While numerous schools across the state competed for a spot in the display, we are proud to announce that 20 Ben Lippen students had artwork selected. Please join us in congratulating the following students:

  • Ellison Whitaker, 1st Grade
  • Sawyer Traynum, 2nd Grade
  • Kimberly Bishop, 3rd Grade
  • Zikiem Angeles, 4th Grade
  • Reese Williams, 4th Grade
  • Sadie Blackwell, 5th Grade
  • Mary Grace Gabrielle, 5th Grade
  • Andie Porth, 5th Grade
  • Olivia Stevens, 5th Grade
  • Mary Austin, 6th Grade
  • Jonathan Berlin, 6th Grade
  • Trent Boyer, 6th Grade
  • David Carilli, 6th Grade
  • Anna Hoover, 6th Grade
  • Abby Moore, 6th Grade
  • Whitney Polek, 6th Grade
  • Jonathan Rios, 6th Grade
  • Manning Turner, 6th Grade
  • Nicholas Wach, 6th Grade
  • Lindsay Fravel, 8th Grade

Please join us in giving additional congratulations to Anna Hoover and Manning Turner, whose works of art were awarded the distinction of “Honorable Mention.” All student artwork in the state fair was created under the instruction of Mrs. Karen Atten and Mr. Jack Branney.

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