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Beyond Ben Lippen: Keri Register Wallace ‘12

Beyond Ben Lippen: Keri Register Wallace ‘12

Many students who have attended Ben Lippen can vividly remember the colorful nature mural that covers the walls of the high school biology classroom. Many may not know that a talented alumna, Keri Register Wallace ’12, created the impressive artwork during her BL days. Keri wanted to inspire others to love biology, and she was excited to find a way to incorporate her love of science and art into one project. By working after school, and with the assistance of friends, the masterpiece took over six months to complete, and over 10 years later, still welcomes students into the world of biology.

After graduating from Ben Lippen in 2012, Keri attended Davidson College where she earned her biology degree with a minor in neuroscience. She went on to medical school at Duke University and is now working through her Pediatric Neurology residency at Washington University in St. Louis, MO.  She decided to pursue a career in pediatrics partly because she’s surrounded and supported by so many brilliant women physicians. Keri is halfway through her pediatric neurology residency in St. Louis and plans to go into General Pediatric Neurology after her training.

As a pediatric neurologist, she’ll have the opportunity to treat children with seizure disorders, developmental differences, autism, and cerebral palsy, as well as many rare brain diseases. Working in such a challenging profession, Keri believes that having support from loved ones and her faith is essential to achieving success.








As she reflects on her high school experience, she credits Ben Lippen for instilling in her a strong set of core values that have been invaluable throughout her career: a passion for learning, a strong work ethic, and a deep commitment to her faith.


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