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Coach Hamner

Coach Eric Hamner

Snow White Tag
Coach Hamner teaches K5 how to play Snow White Tag

Teaches Lower School P.E.

Coaches: all levels of Cross Country and Track & Field

Tell us about yourself. I have an amazing wife Carrie and three wonderful kids: Sawyer, Miles, June. I love the Lord and am so grateful for the grace and love that he has poured on me so that I might be useful to His kingdom through the opportunities He has given me. I love all sports and grew up playing soccer, basketball, baseball, and XC/track.

What do you like to do in your free time? I enjoy running on new trails and traveling. I also love playing with my kids and watching sports.

What are you passionate about? Sports, health, and the Gospel

Why do you choose to work at BL? God called me here and made it very clear.

What do students get at BL that they won’t get somewhere else? A Christian foundation that is first priority; all else is sinking sand

What do you love most about BL? The community/family

What do you love most about teaching lower school P.E.? I get to play games and teach kids how to be active and develop skills that will help them remain active all their lives.

What do you love most about coaching cross country/track & field? I love pushing people to reach goals they never thought they could reach, to develop friendships with their teammates that will hold strong, and to gain confidence and resilience that can be applied to life after XC/Track.

What has been your most memorable moment at BL so far? So many people stepped up to make me feel welcome and supported on my birthday.

What do you love most about teaching/coaching your students? Watching them reach their goals and work together and use the gifts God has granted them

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