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Family Spotlight: The Mack family

Ben Lippen School loves and appreciates all the amazing families, students, staff members, and alumni who make us who we are. We will be running a weekly spotlight series featuring amazing stories and testimonies from our community!

This week’s spotlight is the Mack family:

What do you love about Ben Lippen School?

I love all the opportunities and the environment my kiddos are exposed to in a time that is so crucial to their spiritual and mental growth. After living through two years of virtual, hybrid, and inconsistent learning environments, the loving stability Ben Lippen provides is a true blessing!

Why did you choose Ben Lippen for your child(ren)?

After touring several private schools, we chose Ben Lippen because the vision truly aligned with our family values, the school’s foundation stands firmly on the gospel, and it ultimately felt like home.


In what ways have you seen your children grow in their faith as a result of their experiences at Ben Lippen?

In such a short time my heart has been overjoyed hearing both Jackson (5th grade) and Alani (1st grade) recite and memorize Scripture alongside their peers and teachers. Their excitement to share with us what they hear in chapel or the gospel-based questions they bring to the dinner table fill our hearts more than words can explain!

What is the one word your family would use to describe the Ben Lippen experience?

Jackson’s word won the vote = Amazing.

What would you tell other parents to encourage them to consider enrolling their children at Ben Lippen School?

In a world that is ever-changing, it is worth heartfelt thought and prayer to invest in your children’s overall well-being and education. At Ben Lippen School, we felt every component of our children would be anchored to the gospel through awesome opportunities to learn and explore.

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