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Joybelle Barlow, Class of 2012

After graduating from Ben Lippen in 2012, Joy Barlow has not stayed in one place for long.

A member of the “Ben Lippen 14-Year Gang,” Joybelle, as she is known, graduated from the University of South Carolina’s Darla Moore School of Business & Honors College, with degrees in International Business and Marketing and a minor in Spanish, with Leadership Distinction in Global Learning.

Following her time at UofSC, she moved to Bangkok, Thailand, to work for NightLight, International, serving as a business analyst for their social enterprise employing women coming out of sexual exploitation. In 2017, she returned to the US to work for PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLC, as a management consultant in financial services, learning an effective business model within a corporate complex to later drive business acumen within the social impact realm. Joybelle then left PwC in 2019 to work with Clothed in Hope in Zambia as a data analyst, evaluating the effectiveness of their training and micro-loan programs from vulnerable women in the Lusaka slums. After backpacking through East Africa, she flew to Nepal to join Ben Lippen classmate Hannah Austin, who was completing a Journeyman there through the International Mission Board for one month in Nepal and one month in India. As the pandemic hit in the spring of 2020, she returned to the US to work as a business manager for Interi.

In the fall of 2021, Joybelle plans to begin her graduate studies in Europe, where she hopes to help female entrepreneurs and social enterprises reach their full potential. She is passionate about women in leadership and compassionate leadership. Additionally, she wants Christians to learn how to show their faith in the workplace, through living a life of service and standing out from the rest of the world.

Joybelle credits her teachers at Ben Lippen with helping her faith become real. “As I child, I learned the foundations of the Bible, which was realized in high school when I truly became a Christian and learned to know what it meant through my life and the teachers at Ben Lippen.”

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