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Meet Our Spanish Team

These dedicated Spanish teachers have a passion for the Spanish language and for teaching. Ben Lippen provides Spanish language classes from Pre-K3 through 12th grade (with the exception of grades 5 and 6). Additionally, with our Dual Enrollment program, high school students can continue their education in Spanish and receive college credit.

Research shows that learning a second language has several benefits. It builds critical-thinking, multitasking, and concentration skills, and improves memory, problem-solving, and creativity.  Also, students taking a foreign language typically test higher on standardized tests.

At Ben Lippen, we take pride in providing the BEST in all areas of academics.  Learning Spanish is just one more way of developing a Ben Lippen Student of EXCELLENCE!

Left to Right: Lisa Gonzalez, Rosemary Putman, Katya Gomez, Cari Welsh

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